How Rubber Matting Can Improve Your Weight Room


Posted: December 2, 2009

Many people think weight rooms are just…well, weight rooms. Rooms. With weights. But if you run a gym or fitness center, or have a home weight room, you know that a lot goes into making the room “work” for the lifter. One element you may not have added to your weight room yet is rubber matting. Rubber gym mats may not sound very exciting, but by adding matting to your weight room, you’re making it into a better place to work out—a place where your customers, or you in your home gym, will want to spend time.

If you’ve ever been in a gym with old, ratty carpet, you will appreciate the durability and solid good looks of rubber gym mats. They don’t fade, they don’t get threadbare, and they don’t stain. Rubber mats look good long after even the best commercial carpet has worn out. And how your floor looks makes a huge difference in the appearance of your gym. People may not consciously notice your rubber flooring and think it makes the whole place look nice, but they certainly would notice if you replaced it with ratty carpeting.

Another benefit of weight room mats is that they muffle sound and suppress vibration. A weight room with several people in it can get very noisy, with machines and free weights and the various sounds people make when they’re working out. If you currently have a smooth linoleum floor, all that sound is just bouncing around the room. With carpet, some of the sound is muffled, but not enough. Rubber gym mats reduce sound, cushion machines against vibrations, and make your weight room feel better for your customers.

If you’ve spent much time standing or walking on a concrete or linoleum floor, you’ll appreciate the cushioning of rubber interlocking mats. Working out is tough enough on the body without putting more pressure on feet, knees and hips. Working out on rubber exercise mats simply feels better. If you’re working out in your home gym, you’re more likely to do it on rubber flooring. And if you’re running a gym, your customers are more likely to work out—and keep their memberships active—if you have weight room mats.

Another advantage to interlocking mats is that rubber floor mats are easy to clean. Because rubber doesn’t absorb spills, a towel or mop quickly wipes up the occasional bottle of water or sports drink that makes it onto the floor. Dust and dirt sweep right up, and a quick mopping makes the floor look like new. No shampooing, no waxing. Just sweep and mop, and your floor looks great.

When you’re ready to purchase your rubber flooring, interlocking mats are a great way to install your floor. Installing rubber tiles can be far easier than installing roll matting, and you can move the tiles to other locations as necessary.

Once you get your rubber matting installed, your weight room will look better, sound better, and even smell better with no carpet absorbing odors. You’ll be amazed at how changing your floor can change the whole atmosphere of your gym.

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