Padded Indoor Athletic Turf


Padded turf is an excellent multi-purpose flooring for strength and conditioning. Turf is the most ideal surface for sled work and is a comfortable surface when training on knees, jumping or performing plyometric exercises. All of our artificial turf options do not require infill to keep your facility clean.


12' Wide | 40oz | 3/4" Height | Nylon/Poly Blend | 7 Colours

Our most popular turf for CrossFit gyms, Arena padded turf combines soft poly with rugged nylon fibres to create a durable surface built to stand up to high traffic gyms.

GymTough-34 TurfGREAT VALUE

12' Wide Rolls | 34oz | 1/2" Height | Poly | Green Only

GymTough-34 is an economical yet durable turf. It has a 1/2" pile with a soft polyethylene yarn construction. Excellent for physiotherapy clinics and gyms with moderate traffic.

GymTough-48 Turf

15' Wide Rolls | 48oz | 3/4" Height | Poly | 7 Colours

Our GymTough-48 turf is 15' wide with a soft poly construction. It is available in multiple colours and is great for strength and conditioning and sports such as soccer, futsal, or lacrosse.

ElitePro Turf

15' Wide | 58oz | 1" Height | Nylon/Poly Blend | 4 Colours

ElitePro turf is our thickest and most luxurious turf option. It is available in 4 different colours and is very comfortable for ground work. This is an excellent choice for indoor soccer and other indoor sports fields.

Sled TurfNEW!

Various Widths | 30-48oz | 1/2" to 3/4" Height | Nylon / Poly | 4 Colours

Our SledTough turf is specifically designed to handle the punishment of weighted sled training popular in CrossFit and cross training gyms. These are available in multiple precut sizes.